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Is it Parental Alienation?

April 30 @ 2:00 pm 3:00 pm CDT


What You Can Learn

Is your child refusing or resisting your current possession schedule?  Could it be parental alienation?  Many times a parent perceives the other parent to be alienating the children” when in fact there are reasons why a child may resist or refuse to follow the parenting schedule.  Dr. Fletcher answers five important questions to distinguish when it is possible that alienation is occurring. 


Dr. Susan Fletcher, PhD.

Psychologist & Author

This is My Story

I am constantly reminded of the power of a choice. I’ve seen people struggle with decisions, take action and then soar. We are capable of incredible things. Every person I work with in my private practice, interact with in the courtroom, meet through my blog, or shoot the bull with in the gym – impresses me.

I believe we are all capable of difficult choices. It’s those choices that define us and teach us what we are made of, if we are really willing to listen. Call me a dreamer, an optimist, a perpetual student, or just call me productive. You are productive too. Maybe you just need someone to help you see it and then be it. I like keeping my body moving, writing a blog post, talking with one of my boys late at night, and friends who make me laugh from the bottom of my gut.

My dad still calls me Susie and I like that.

When I’m not working, I’m focused on life experiences. I live for today with where I want to be tomorrow influencing my decisions. I do what I do for a living because it reminds me of the power of choice, how smart we all really are, and how important it is to live your life… to the best of your ability.

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Sharon Ramage

Sharon Ramage has devoted her entire professional career to helping families and children, as a social worker and as an attorney. As a former social worker, she saw first-hand the devastation that conflict causes for children and families. Since 1992, Sharon has devoted her law practice to helping families and children. Sharon primarily helps clients in family law and special education matters.

Sharon co-authored a book about children and the law, All About Texas Law and Kids, published by Texas Lawyer Press. She is frequently called upon to instruct other attorneys in the areas of her expertise. She has lectured other professionals on special education law topics by serving on the faculty of the National Academy for IDEA Administrative Law Judges & Hearing Officers as well as the National Administrative Law Judiciary Conferences. Sharon frequently lectures on special education and family law topics for local bar associations, parent groups and disability organizations.